6 Things Are Worth To Be Noticed In My Film

[1] Choosing Location

Choosing location is a very important thing when you making a film, and it took me about 2 weeks to find a very long and narrow alley way. After I finished filming in the alley way, I found this alley way is exactly what I am looking for.

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[2] Weather

I did not use any plugin to make a fake rain. The day I went out shooting was a rainy day. All the water droplets and poundings you see in the film are real.

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[3] Ring

I wore the ring on right hand during filming the first scene, and I intentionally wore the ring on left hand in the final scene. The reason I did this because I am trying to show the audience what kind of changes does the protagonist have when the different personality dominate the body, not only his clothes, but also the position of his ring.

[4] Props

I bought a fake club and a bottle of fake blood online, and I did use them properly in the film.

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[5]Make Up

For showing the difference when the different personality dominate the protagonist’s body, I asked for help with make up. This make up below shows what the protagonist looks like when the bad personality dominate the body.

屏幕快照 2017-04-28 上午1.20.22屏幕快照 2017-04-28 上午1.20.42

[6] Spotlight Use

When I editing my film, I used spotlight properly, which effectively created a dark and gloomy atmosphere in the room. Here is the difference:

屏幕快照 2017-04-28 上午1.11.52屏幕快照 2017-04-28 上午1.11.16屏幕快照 2017-04-28 上午1.11.40


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