Advert ‘McDonald’s’ Analysis

This is one of McDonald’s advertising pictures.

People can clearly see that there is a McDonald’s clown who holds a burger standing behind the mirror and use his finger to write a sentence on the mirror. “WHY SO DELICIOUS ? M” he wrote by using ketchup. The main colors of this image are dark orange and red. These two colors looks not very clean and bright, so they make readers feeling quite depressive and comfortless. He wears a yellow jump suit and it looks so dirty and unclean when it is full of darkness and shadows. Also the background is almost transparent, readers barely can see the outline of the shop of McDonalds.

We all know that this flown uses ketchup to write on the mirror but it looks so scary because the ketchup looks so similar to blood and he writes the sentence in capital words. It is so scared for reader to read. Especially the capital word W just covers on the clown’s smiling face and it makes the clown looks extremely unfriendly and horrible.

In my opinion, I do not really agree that this is a good and helpful advertising picture for McDonalds company. It does not look attractive and friendly for readers and I do not really think that this picture can satisfy customer’s appetites.


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