Advert ‘Jimmy Choo’ Perfume Analysis

The main color in this image is cyan. Such as background and the light in the center of image. This color is very clean, and it makes reader comfortable. It may connote cleanness, fresh and comfort. This scent bottle is made by glass which may connote pure, simple and modern, and the bottleneck set with silver metal which might connote shining expense and riches. The male model is wearing a black leather jacket and jeans, this color may connote matureness and low profile.

The male model looks very serious and confident on his face, it may connote the matureness, calmness and wild. There is a shapely young women sitting on the man’s shoulder and his right hand is gently holding a women’s leg, maybe because the man is so attractive and this women is bewitched by this man, it may connote success and fascination. The man bends his leg and sits on the sofa, he is relaxing and it makes him looking so successful, victorious and supreme.

The brand name on this image is using serif and it is not bold. Everything looks classic and simple. The color of the name is white, it may connote pure and clean. There is a shot slogan which is under the perfume bottle. It tells us who the man is – Kit Harington. This perfume might represents rights and wild ambition because Kit Harington is the actor in Game of Thrones and obviously he is a powerful man in that show.

There is a light at the middle of the image which crosses between models and the perfume. On the left side, it’s a woman who sitting on the Kit Harington’s shoulder. On the right side, the brand name is over the perfume. what this image trying to tell the reader is Kit Harington and perfume, both signifiers are equal. Once the reader starts using the perfume, than he will be a charming person as same as Kit Harington!

Personally I think that this is a successful advert image, the man reflects how powerful this perfume is and makes the customers being attractive if they use it.


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