My First Film  <—( You can watch it on Vimeo)

SPLIT is a 2017 thriller short film which directed by Ruiyang Zhang (filmed by Jiayue Wang and voiced by Shelcia Rita).

The protagonist is a good and righteous male character, he finds out the mysterious evil male character’s address with a woman’s help. After the protagonist hangs up the phone and leaves the room, he goes to the place that mysterious man lives, he finds that place is actually a dark and horrific alleyway. He has the courage to walk in because he has to find out that mysterious man. When the protagonist almost goes through the whole alleyway, suddenly he is hit and falls to the ground by a man who wears a black hooded coat. When the protagonist wakes up, he finds he is still in the room which is same as the room at the beginning, and he wears the same black hooded coat as that mysterious man wears. The woman who helped the protagonist at the beginning calls him again, she finds the protagonist’s voice and attitude are totally different compared the beginning. The truth is that mysterious man is actually a personality in the protagonist’s mind, and this evil man’s personality dominates the protagonist’s body after he hit and killed the righteous personality. The protagonist is a schizophrenia patient. Everything is happening in his mind, includes that alleyway, and that is why he wakes up in the room rather than the dark alleyway, because he never left that room.

The short film SPLIT uses a variety of shot size (from long shots to extreme close-up) and camera angles to represent different scene, plenty of tracking shots shows how the protagonist searches the alleyway and low key lighting represents the dark, horrific and mysterious atmosphere.


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